Jaxx Healy

Hi, my name is Jacquelyn Healy! I am the makeup artist here at Valor. Many of you may know me as Jaxx, and I have been with Valor for almost a year now! I specialize in airbrush foundation, which is a flawless application of makeup. I also specialize in bridal in makeup, both traditional and airbrush. I have been dabbling in special effects makeup and I am looking into getting more training in that area! Although I’ve only been at Valor for just a year, I feel my passion for makeup has always been within me. I started practicing makeup on myself and others about five years ago, and every since then I knew I wanted to make this my career. My favorite part about doing makeup on others is being able to help women re-see themselves. Makeup has the power to make us look different (in a good way), but I have the power to actually make you feel it. 

Make Up Artist